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Agri-Lloyd provides industry-leading audit services as part of our evidence-based approach to ruminant health and nutrition.

Our audits are undertaken on farm by our own team of advisors and analysed in our own laboratory using the very latest technology. This allows us to turn around results quickly and deliver reports back to farm within 48 hours.

The Agri-Lloyd laboratory is a member of the Forage Analytical Assurance group (FAA). The FAA is the governing body that oversees and calibrates the testing of forages in the UK. Collectively, FAA accredited laboratories test around 50,000 samples a year meaning you can be confident in the accuracy of the results.

Our Dietary Component and Mineral Reports test 34 parameters providing a detailed profile of the nutritional value of your forage. All our reports provide a simple to understand explanation of the results and combined with the expertise of our advisors, our audit services identify not only what is needed to maximise ruminant performance, but also why it is needed.

Agri-Lloyd is one of the few companies in the UK and Ireland to boast a comprehensive range of industry accreditations.

Agri-Lloyd Acreditation

Our services are all provided by our network of Independent Agents and Dairy Specialists who will visit your farm to conduct the audit. Once your samples are received, we will return your reports to you within 48 working hours, or 24 working hours for our pre-cut grass service.

Call our team today on 0800 458 4844 to request your audit, or email us at

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