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Colitox® is a high energy supplement containing four different energy sources. It contains a complete range of trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.

Many thrift related issues for newborn lambs arise from feeding in unhygienic environments. Other than completely cleaning out the lambing area and sterilising, only a bout of extreme cold weather can sterilise these environments.

In normal cases, maternal colostrum or an adequate replacement such as Surestart® should provide the necessary nutrition for the lamb to thrive. Colitox®, with its EU approved pro-biotic, and range of trace elements and vitamins, help ensure the lamb gets the best start in life.


Agri-Lloyd Colitox

How can Colitox® help?

Colitox® is a complementary feed which helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Just one feed of Colitox® usually provides the probiotic activity necessary to maintain the good health of the newborn lamb.

Colitox® is also a source of easily available energy and micronutrients including vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. For just a few pence, the lamb’s good health and well-being can be assured.


As soon as possible after birth, give all at risk lambs 2ml of Colitox®. Weak or otherwise disadvantaged lambs should be given 2ml daily until their health and physical condition is satisfactory.


Only for feeding to lambs up to 21 days of age.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Health and Safety Information

As far as is known, there are no health or safety risks connected with the use of Colitox®

Store in a warm place, minimum 15°C if at all possible. Shake the bottle well each time before use.

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