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Offering the highest-ever palatability, N-Ergiser® is your best option to support post-calving recovery and rehydration.

Unlike other products on the market, N-Ergiser® contains:

  • 10% more calcium
  • Added cobalt
  • Added iodine
  • Prebiotic yeast for improved rumen health


Agri-Lloyd N-Ergiser

How can N-Ergiser® help?

Calving can be an extremely stressful time for the cow. Stress, along with a low fluid intake during the calving process and other factors, means that rehydrating the cow post-calving is essential in supporting the cows recovery and getting them back up to full strength. N-Ergiser® supports post-calving recovery and rehydration which can help to increase dry matter intake (DMI) and boost milk yields.

Key Benefits

– Glucose provides an immediate energy boost
– Helps restore the cows natural balance
– Replaces lost fluids and essential electrolytes
– Replenishes vitamins and minerals
– Contains high levels of vitamin E and selenium


Mix 2 level jugs (1 dose) of N-Ergiser® with 5 litres of hot water. Make up to 20 litres with cool water. Offer to the cow within 30 minutes of calving. A further dose may be required after 24 hours if the cow is still weak or appetite has been lost. No more than 1.5 doses of N-Ergiser® should be fed per dairy cow per day due to the high content of vitamin D3.


Keep out of the reach of children.

Health and Safety Information

As far as is known there are no health or usage hazards associated with the feeding of this product. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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