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Liquithrive® Beef Breeder DPF is a dry powder formulation for inclusion in the daily diet (Total Mixed Ration (TMR) or top dressed).

It is a complex blend of chelated trace elements, vitamin and amino acids, specifically formulated to meet the requirements of beef cows.

It is often difficult to balance high productivity with high herd health status. Micro-nutrients and trace elements can play an important role in ensuring herd health. This balanced supply is often difficult to achieve without supplementation of these key micro-nutrients and trace elements.

Research has shown that organically chelated trace elements, where the mineral is bonded to an essential amino acid, can improve utilisation by the cow. Trace element imbalances in the diet can either be naturally occurring or induced. This may lead to dietary imbalances.


Agri-Lloyd Liquithrive Beef Breeder DPF

How can Liquithrive® Beef Breeder DPF help?

Liquithrive® Beef Breeder DPF is best used in conjunction with a traditional mineral supplement to ensure cattle have a solid foundation of base minerals at which time, Liquithrive® Beef Breeder DPF should be used to correct imbalances.

Achieving overall balance and creating high bioavailability is more important than correction of specific imbalances, or, over correction caused by flooding the body with too much of a certain mineral.


Liquithrive® Beef Breeder DPF must be pre-mixed with other dry feeds prior to adding to forage mix.

First calving heifers & mature cows should be fed with 100g 4 weeks before calving. A further 100g maybe administered 4 weeks pre-bulling.

Cows not fed before calving should be fed 3-4 weeks before service or during lactation if they are failing to hold to the bull.

Large cows or stock bulls – 100g over 3 days

Small cows – 80g over 3 days


Avoid storage below 5ºC.

Avoid excessive heat.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Health and Safety Information

As far as is known there are no health or usage hazards associated with the feeding of this product. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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