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It is often difficult to balance high milk yields with high herd health status. Micro-nutrients and trace elements can play an important role in ensuring optimum herd health. This balanced supply is often difficult to achieve with conventional feed/minerals.

Research has shown that organically chelated trace elements, where the mineral is bonded to an essential amino acid, can improve utilisation by the cow. Trace element imbalances in the diet can either be naturally occurring or induced, which may lead to diet imbalances and resultant production disorders.

The Agri-Lloyd range of chelated trace minerals provides a highly available source of these important nutrients, enhancing absorption and effectiveness. Their use in feed and mineral supplements has been consistently shown to be a benefit in trials.


Agri-Lloyd Cow Care

How can Cow Care® help?

An organically chelated trace element, vitamin and amino acid supplement, Cow Care® can be used as part of a programme to help maintain general health and fertility in dairy cows.

Cow Care® can be used to balance deficiencies linked with poor dairy cow fertility and can be administered at drying off, first service, or it can be used to aid heat detection and conception rates in problem cows. 100 ml is the recommended administration rate at each key stage of the production cycle. Costing less than the average semen straw, Cow Care® can make a dramatic difference to the fertility and profitability of the herd.


In-calf heifers – 100ml x2 (100ml one month before calving and a further 100ml at first service)
Cows – 100ml x2 (100ml at drying off and a further 100ml at first service)
Problem cow – 100ml x3 (give an additional 100ml at calving)
ET Donors – 200ml (give three weeks before flushing)
ET Recipients – 100ml x2 (100ml 8-12 weeks before and 100ml on day of implantation)

Concern Drench Timing
Retained placenta 3-4 weeks pre-calving
Calf vigour/health 3-4 weeks pre-calving
Oestrus behaviour 1 month pre-service
Conception rates to first service 1 month pre-service
Cows recycling/embryo loss 1 month pre-service
Calving interval 1 month pre-service


Avoid storage below 5ºC
Avoid excessive heat
Keep out of the reach of children

Health and Safety Information

As far as is known there are no health or usage hazards associated with the feeding of this product. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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