The Secret's in the Science®

Calf Care®


It is often difficult to achieve high growth rates in the young dairy calf whilst building the all-important immune system of the young animal.

Micro-nutrients and trace elements can play an important role in helping to achieve both objectives. It is often difficult to strike this balance with conventional feedstuffs/minerals alone.

Research work has shown that organically chelated trace elements, where the mineral is bonded to an essential amino acid, can improve utilisation by the calf. Trace element imbalances can either be naturally occurring or induced.

How can Calf Care® help?

Calf Care® is an organically chelated trace element and vitamin drench for dairy calves under 3 months of age.

Calf Care® is formulated to provide calves under three months of age with the optimum balance of micro-nutrients to maximise development of an efficient immune system and help them achieve their growth potential.

Calf Care® can be given to all calves on the farm as well as bought-in calves, helping them to overcome the stress of handling and movement.


Calves can be given Calf Care® as soon as practically possible.

For weaker calves administer Energy Boost Plus® first followed by Calf Care®.

Suckled or older calves should be carefully drenched at 4-6 weeks or up to 3 months of age.

Calves up to 6 weeks - 20ml
Calves 6-12 weeks - 30ml
Older dairy calves should be drenched with Heifer Care®.


Monopropylene Glycol, Water, Glycerol, Cider Vinegar, Potassium Sorbate, Zanthum Gum, Calcium Carbonate, Polysorbate 80, Sodium Citrate, Vitamins and Trace Elements.


Store in a cool, dry place
Protect from frost, excessive heat and direct sunlight
Keep out of the reach of children.

Health and Safety Information

As far as is known there are no health or usage hazards associated with the feeding of this product.