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Ensiling and Preservation of Maize Harvest

September 2017 | News

Maize harvest is fast approaching across many parts of the UK, correct ensiling and preservation is one of the key areas in making preserving high quality maize silage.

All too often maize silage does not reflect the true feed value of maize, this can make maize silage expensive. Feed value can be maximised by adopting best practice ensiling and preservation techniques using an additive such as HM Inoculant or HM Inoculant Plus.

Timing of harvesting will also allow farmers to maximise feed value, you should be aiming to harvest the maize crop when the cob is firm and only the slightest drop of moisture can be squeezed out of the grain, and the crop should still have some green leaves present.

The diagram below provides a good indication of to how far away from the harvesting date you are.